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The Exchange, Legislative Preview 01/03/18

Jan 4, 2018


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Coming up today on The Exchange, a Sioux City state lawmaker is suing Governor Kim Reynolds for the way she transferred millions of dollars in reserve funds to balance the budget. Chris Hall says the budgeting process needs a hard look from lawmakers as well.

Also, we hear from newly-elected state senator Jim Carlin on his goals for the upcoming legislative session that starts Monday.  Carlin says he wants to focus on several financial issues, one of which is tax reform to help Iowa’s economic climate.

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Comingup on the Exchange, two disability rights advocacy groups are suing the state of iowa over the treatment of troubled youth the Eldora Boys training school.  There are allegations of mistreatment and lack of care of mentally ill youth.

Also, Iowa is leading the nation in it’s new program to benefit farmers who plant cover crops to help improve water quality and get rid of the Dead Zone in the gulm of mexico.

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Coming up this week on the Exchange, we talk with a Christian philanthropist who says just handing out charity is not the best way to help people in need.  Also, a look at the women who broke the Japanese and Nazi codes in WWII.  That and more on the Exchange, on Siouxland Public Media. 

Last night Siouxland Republican Party officials nominated State Representative and attorney Jim Carlin for Iowa Senate District 3 special election on December 12th. 

This week on The Exchange, we talk with Iowa Third District Senate Candidate Todd Wendt of Le Mars. Wendt retired earlier this year after 17 years as the Superintendent of the Le Mars public schools. 

The Exchange's Mary Hartnett held a forum with the six Sioux City Council candidates on Wednesday, November 1st, 2017.  It was held at the Sioux City Public Museum, in partnership with the League of Women Voters.  The election takes place next Tuesday, November 7th.  The candidates are incumbents Alex Watters, Dan Moore and Pete Groetken, and the challengers are Jake Jungers, Dennis Quinn, and Doug Waples.  


This week on The Exchange, we talk about the move by Woodbury County's action to exit the Sioux Rivers Regional Mental Health and Disability Services.  The Sanford Center, which provides counseling to a large number of young people in Sioux City, will be affected by the change.  We talk with Woodbury County Supervisors Mathew Ung and Jeremy Taylor.  We also speak with Dr. Richard Owens, a board member at the Sanford Center.


League of Women Voters Candidate Forum-10/03/17 

Coming up on The Exchange, we present a question and answer session with the media from last night’s League of Women Voter’s forum with the nine candidates for the Sioux City Council.  The candidates answered questions about a wide range of topics including housing, parking and drawing young people to Sioux City.

We’ll hear more of the League of Women Voters city candidate forum on the Exchange.

The candidates featured in this edition of The Exchange are:

Dan Moore, Incumbent and Mayor Pro Tem

Pete Groetken, Incumbent

Dennis Quinn, Challenger

Jake Jungers, Challenger

Jon Olson, Challenger

Nick Davidson, Challenger